Here at Sirved we’re all about menu discovery but with 450, 000 restaurant menus across North America, keeping up with new menus is hard work.  It takes a lot of effort to maintain so many menus and we try our best but can’t always get to them right away.  That’s why we’ve created time stamped menus to tell our users the last time the menu was updated.

The constantly growing task of indexing every restaurant menu in North America is a huge job that we take seriously.  We have a team of menu analysts working around the clock but even then we can’t always keep up.  That’s why we’ve created time stampings on every menu in our database.  This way when your looking at a restaurant menu, you’ll see the last time it was updated and can get a pretty good idea of what the restaurant has to offer.  Even if the restaurant has updated their menu since we posted our version, you can still see what the prices are like and what type of dishes they generally have.  If the update was recent, you can see it and you’ll know it’s probably correct. But if the menu was updated longer than 6 months ago, there’s a chance things on the menu have changed and thats ok too, we just want you to know.

We can’t ever promise 100% accuracy but the least we can do is be honest about the menu and tell you when we last updated it. That way you know and can still access multiple reviews, see food photos, check hours, get directions and find any other information you may need to help you decide on where to eat. Sirved is all about menu discovery but its more than that now, it’s restaurant discovery too.