Gott’s Roadside, Napa, California

I want to start this review off with the fact that I do not eat beef. However, I do eat fish and chicken. You might then be wondering, why review a burger restaurant? Well, the veggie burger at Gott’s Roadside is the absolute best thing I have ever eaten. 

Aside from just the veggie burger, this classic American-style restaurant is a Downtown Napa staple. It was once named Taylor’s Refresher, but years ago was purchased by a new family. This was a huge controversy among Napa locals, but people forgot because the food is so great.

Everything is great at Gott’s. There are multiple types of burgers, with various types of meat, but also vegetarian and pescatarian options. This is what I love above Gott’s, there is something for everyone. The fries are super crispy and salty, and there are amazing milkshakes as well. If you are looking for something lighter, the homemade lemonade is also really good.

Sirved must try:

  • Veggie burger: I add cheddar cheese instead of American. Then, I ask for both grilled and raw onions. It comes with sliced pickles, amazing secret sauce, a buttery egg bun, and the best veggie burger patty I have ever had.
  • Sweet potato fries: Great alternative to regular fries. 
  • Chicken tenders: Comes with a great homemade sauce as well.
  • Ahi tacos or ahi sandwich: This is a great option if you prefer fish, or want something a bit healthier. It is really high-quality fish.
  • Seasonal items: Check for any seasonal items because sometimes they can have options like a crab sandwich.

If you would rather go with something a bit lighter I also really enjoy the salads at Gott’s. Especially the chicken kale Ceasar, and the Vietnamese chicken salad. The Vietnamese salad has really good flavors. It starts with a base of romaine lettuce, kale, and shredded cabbage. Then they toss it with a cucumber and carrot slaw, as well as mung beansprouts, peanuts for a crunch, then herbs like cilantro and mint. It is all tossed in a peanut lime vinaigrette and topped with a crispy fried chicken breast, as well as pickled red Fresno chilies, and green onions. There are so many flavors! Although this is not the first thing I pick when I go there, it is what I choose when I am looking for a lighter and healthier option.

Overall, Gott’s is like classic American fast food with a healthier and more upscale twist. With 15 different burger options, as well as specialty sides and seasonal items, Gott’s is a perfect stop in the Napa Valley. 

Explore Gott’s Roadside’s restaurant menu in Napa, California here.