Oakville Grocery, Healdsburg, California

For anyone who has visited the Napa Valley, they know that a day of wine tasting starts promptly at 10 am and can continue until 4 pm (if you make it that long). Although this is not the norm for a local if you truly want a full Napa wine tasting experience you should expect a long day. It might surprise you, but the best lunch option during a day of wine tasting is at Oakville Grocery with a deli sandwich.

About the Grocery

The Oakville Grocery is situated at the edge of Oakville and Napa. It separates Napa and St. Helena which are two primary tasting regions that make up the Napa Valley. This grocery was founded in 1881 and is an integral part of Napa Valley’s history. They not only serve sandwiches, but also offers salads, and has an amazing selection of wine. Everything is handcrafted and local. Even if you aren’t tasting for the day it is the perfect place to grab items for a picnic.

What to Eat

The Oakville Grocery offers a place to congregate as well as grab-and-go food. If a sandwich isn’t really your style you can also order a pizza made from the large outdoor pizza oven. If you get there before wine tasting you can also order breakfast. Check out the bacon, cheddar, and egg on a croissant, or the chorizo burrito. Otherwise, there are plenty of options in the form of deli sandwiches. 

Sirved must-try food items:

  • Cold fried chicken sandwich: Fried chicken on its own is good, but in a sandwich, it is just better. This sandwich is made with fried chicken, mayonnaise, bacon, pickles, and lettuce on a soft French roll. It is the perfect meal to soak up a long day of wine tasting. 
  • Ham & brie: On a cold day the best option is to have a hot meal. The ham and brie sandwich not only includes those ingredients but offers grilled apple and mayonnaise on a flaky dutch crunch.
  • Veggie wrap: If meat and cheese isn’t really your jam you can order a veggie wrap. It comes with grilled eggplant, harissa yogurt, spicy hummus, red onion, pickle, tomato, and arugula on a spinach lavash. It brings a ton of fresh middle eastern flavors into a vegetarian meal.

Wineries to Try Nearby

  • Domaine Carneros: Start the day off with bubbles! This sparkling wine is made in the traditional champagne style 
  • Stags Leap Wine Cellars: The perfect option in Napa to get started on whites and deep cabs. It is on the way to Oakville Grocery as well.
  • Far Niente: After your stop at the Oakville Grocery you can head to the beautiful property of Far Niente for a mix of whites, pinots, or cave-aged cabs.

The Perfect Stop

Whether you are just starting a day of wine tasting in St. Helena, or you are on your way from Napa to St. Helena, this is the perfect stop. With breakfast and lunch options it is the perfect way to coat your stomach before or after drinking. Explore Oakville Grocery’s menu in Healdsburg, California here.