Tacos, they’re quite possibly the best dish that you can get anywhere, even in Montreal! We’re delighted to share some of the best taco joints that will leave you wanting more. Trust us, tacos are our thing!


67 Rue Beaubien East

Everything the chefs at Caifan do gravitates around Mexico’s huge heritage, history and culture. Their tacos are super fresh, super tasty, and made from super high quality ingredients. This place should definitely be on your taco bucket list if you ask us! View the full menu here.

T&T Tacos & Tortas

51 Rachel St West

The tortillas here are to die for! They are out of this world amazing – made with natural ingredients, super thick and oh so fresh! Of course, it helps that the tacos are always tasty here too! View the full menu here.

La Matraca

4607 St Denis St

There’s no need to ask us why this place is so damn good. Toppings are piled high, served on a soft tortilla of your choice. If you want to fill up on tacos for the day or night, this is your go to place for their generous toppings! View the full menu here.