Finding good Indian food is not always the easiest thing to do. But if you happen to be in Saskatchewan, there are some seriously good finds in cities spanning from Prince Albert to the capital Regina. Indian can be a hit or miss which is why this list is full of a few authentic choices ranging from classics like Chicken Korma to modern spins unique to each place!

The best thing about this list is that all the owners have a special connection and backstory to Indian culture and food.

1) Caraway Grill, Regina, Saskatchewan

With two locations in Regina, Caraway Grill makes it very clear from the start what their restaurant’s priorities are. In fact, they are listed front and center on their webpage. Quality and authentic Indian food is a must. And that is exactly what you get when you dine at Chef Parveen Singh’s restaurant. Open for lunch and for dinner you can count on traditional dishes and new flavors to appeal to everyone.

Starting with appetizers that are described as, “fresh off the street cart” you can find yourself picking up a few different options for a very affordable price. Chicken Samosas Tiger Shrimp, or Vegetable Pokora, are just a few fan favorites that come to mind. When it comes to moving on to entrees you’ll find every classic Indian dish with a number of curry options for those who love to add a little spice!

Discover Caraway Grill’s menu in Regina, Saskatchewan here! 

2) Angeethi Flame Fine Indian Bistro, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Don’t we all want access to Indian food 15 hours a day? At Angeethi Flame Fine Indian Bistro you can get it considering their hours are 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. every day! Angeethi was opened up in 2016 by an Indian couple who borrowed money from relatives that thought they should pursue a restaurant. Now it’s one of Saskatoon’s best Indian restaurants serving up incredibly authentic Indian fare.

Family is the idea here which is why it’s best to bring a few friends and choose the Meal for Three or Four. This way you can choose multiple starters, entrees, and more! When it’s time to actually order we recommend Papdi Chaat. This is North Indian street food paired with fried dough wafers. Of course, with any of their entrees like Chana Masala you should pair several of their Naan’s for dipping.

View Angeethi Flame Fine Indian Bistro’s menu in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan here! 

3) The Spice Trail And The Lounge Trishna, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

You know a restaurant is good when it specializes in certain fare. Rather than try and do it all The Spice Trail and The lounge Trishna focus on East Indian food. They describe their restaurant as Neo East Indian Canadian Fashion. Their East Indian bread is one of the major draws as they are baked in a traditional clay oven or Tandoor. But where does the Neo-Canadian part come in?

Have you tried Curry Turkey Meatballs and Spaghetti? Chances are probably not, but you can get it here. The dish features Turkey Kofta in a mildly spicy sauce with spaghetti and scalloped eggplant. Also famous to Canada is their Poutine. Their spin on it consists of a choice between chicken, beef, or paneer. This is covered in a curry sauce, either being Fiery Vindaloo or Creamy Butter Masala.

Discover The Spice Trail and The Lounge Trishna’s menu in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan here!

4) Black Pepper Restaurant, Martensville, Saskatchewan

Black Pepper Restaurant is a gem because it’s a mix of all the good stuff. Malaysian, Indian, and Thai food have come together to bless our aromatic senses. Chef Kay started cooking with her mother as a little girl and has turned her passion into a beautiful eatery in Martensville serving authentic Southeast Asian and Indian food. Today Kay and her husband David spend hours marinating and cooking the delicious food we present to you below!

Something that is great about Black Pepper is that it actually incorporates a Gluten-Free menu which is less common with traditional Indian restaurants. Indian Mee Goreng for instance is rice noodles, prawns, calamari, non-GMO chicken breast paired with organic tofu choy sum, and ground peanuts. It’s fresh, healthy, and full of flavor! With well over 50 options it may be hard to choose! If we recommend trying one thing though it’s their Pineapple Fried Rice!

View Black Pepper Restaurant’s menu in Martensville, Saskatchewan here! 

Sharing Is The Way

While you can certainly fly solo, sharing is the way to go when it comes to these restaurants. At the very least order a few dishes by yourself and bring leftovers home. The reason being is that Indian culture as expressed by these restaurant owners has a rich tradition of family culture. The food is meant to be eaten together rather than by itself. Of course, if you have a favorite (we all do) there is no shame in ordering double!