Reviews for Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux - Lubbock Restaurant in Lubbock, TX

Kurtis Vanderpool 1 year ago

The food is average and overpriced. The service is SLOOWWWW every time I?ve been. Also, I paid $7 for 6 bites of crawfish... etouffee with 3 whole crawfish in it. The only thing worth eating that I?ve had is the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding Read more

Derek W 1 year ago

Maddie was a great server and extremely nice. She also helped my wife and I decide what to order since it was our first time... there. Highly recommend! Read more

Dolores Upp 1 year ago

Wow, a friend suggested we go in and we are glad we did. Redfish Tacos, Cajundilla and a burger all hit the spot. Our server,... Alyssa B - Bennet, we think, kept us fully served with everything we needed. Great Job, WalkOns!!! Read more

Matt Urrutia 1 year ago

The food was great but the service and the atmosphere need a little polishing. I enjoyed all the TVs with sports but the music... doesn't fit the venue. Also bartenders need work on making drinks as I ordered a top shelf margarita and was extremely toosweet. A little work behind the bar wouldn't hurt. Read more

Ty Blackwell 2 years ago

The bayou pasta is horrible at this location. Hopefully it's better elsewhere. I should have known when the waitress asked if... I wanted extra sauce when I ordered. I said no thinking the sauce would be adequate. But no , it had very little . Even whenthe disha was delivered she asked 2 more times if I wanted extra sauce to make it "creamy". I said no bc I didn't want to payextra..... i spent 20 bucks on a dish that sucked all bc they wanted 3 more bucks to put sauce on it. They don't bus the tableeither. Read more

EL JURIAS 2 years ago

Good food recommend the gumbo, devils on horseback & chips & Cajun queseaux for appetizers. Had the Pastalaya & mango Mahi for... entrée which were good. The pulled pork sandwich & stuffed cheeseburger looked delicious will have to try that next time. Hadthe warm cookie sundae and beignetts for dessert they were good as well. I will have to try the crispy creme bread pudding nexttime it looks good. Read more

Cindy Starcher 2 years ago

Great food, sports TV, great service are what you will find at Walk-ons. We had the double bacon cheeseburger and it was soooo... good. We added on some fried pickles and they were tangy and thin, fried to perfection! We enjoyed this lunch! We were so fullthat we did not venture into the dessert menu this time, but they looked like shakes and more! Certainly would enjoy going hereagain! Enjoy! Read more

Sue Yang 2 years ago

I'm pretty adamant when it comes to customer service. The host was nice and friendly. She sat us down and then a server came... out. She did not greet nor smile. We let her know we were new to the place and she at least gave us some time to look over themenu.  I just feel the first impression is absolutely the best way thing to do when being a server is to smile and say "hello."A very simple gesture goes a long way, just as an unwelcoming gesture can really have an effect on our experience as diners. Ibelieve her name is Ashlie, which was on the receipt. I still gave her positive responses to her service since I am no Karen. Ifigured maybe she just needed some happy customers. She did well checking up on us and taking plates off the table. I neverleave a bad tip so I still tip her good. I think a little personality adjustment would make it better for her as a server inthis industry. Food experience: amazing! There were so great options for kids and they all look delicious. Not your typical,bread and hot dogs. We got our baby fried catfish meal and it came out perfect. Good seasoning and she liked it. Next, weordered mozzarella logs. Those were great! It has a bite of overcooked on high heat oil but was still great. The marinara saucewas on par. The drinks were good! Stout and as it should for the high prices on them. I ordered Ribye Poboy. Delicious and Ididn't find anything wrong with it. Crawfish etouffee was okay, I wouldn't order it again. I'm picky when it comes to cajunfood but as a sports bar, it's still alright. It just has more of a tomato sauce taste. I'm not sure how they make their rouxbut I would've loved it with more garlic, grilled bell peppers, and onion tastes to it. The tomato flavor is overpowering. Idon't know if that's what they use it on there as one of their ingredients but it tastes like that. Fried chips and queso aregood. Will I come back again? Likely. The menu has great options and still has many items that I want to try out. Read more