Sushi Hon, San Francisco, California

Omakase is the Japanese word for “as you like”, and usually refers to the chef choosing a set menu. I love going to an omakase because the fish is usually flown from Japan, and is all very fresh. Sushi Hon is located in San Francisco, and I had heard good things, as well as it being a good price.

I stopped in and had a choice of the regular or exclusive Omakase tasting menu. The difference is mainly the amount of fish, and the quality or type of fish offered. The meal starts off with a starter. It varies based on the day and is always a chef’s special dish. Next came a miso soup, which was obviously made with fresh bonito and kombu, giving it a real authentic flavor.

All of the nigiri (raw fish on top of rice) were of high quality. My favorite was the different types of tuna and the seared options. Following the first six types of nigiri was deep-fried uni wrapped in shiso. This was absolutely flavorful and creamy while being the right amount of oily.

When the next set of nigiri came out I was excited to try different styles of fish. These were sometimes torched with a blowtorch or had been marinated. They were not just raw fish on rice, but a true creation.

Notable dishes

  • Deep-fried uni wrapped in shiso
  • Shitake mushroom and scallion miso soup
  • Foie gras and hokkaido scallop 
  • Marinated and torched ora king salmon

The last few dishes were a mix of hot and cold. There was one scallop and foie gras dish that was really interesting. I asked for the foie to be substituted, while my friend had the original. They topped it with salmon eggs for a salty texture, and plum wine gel for some acid.

With another three pieces of nigiri I was getting full, but the chef said we only had two courses to go: soup and dessert. These are some of my favorite courses, so I was ready! The soup was light, made from shitake mushroom and scallion. It was a perfect end to the meal and helped to digest things.

Desert perfectly summed things up. It was a match pannacotta, which was not too sweet, but a perfect balance for the end. All in all, I was really happy with the meal, how much I spent, and the flavors overall. 

Sushi Hon restaurant menu in San Francisco, California here