With so many things constantly changing in the restaurant industry, we know that it’s tough for you the customer to understand it all.  That’s why we’ve been working hard to keep up with all the changes, the best we can. That includes doing our best to flag restaurants that may be closed, let you know if hours of operation of a restaurant may be affected by covid and also tell you if a restaurant has non-contact options available.

At the beginning of 2020, we had 475,296 restaurants on our platform but by the beginning of 2021, we only had 439,508 restaurants which is a direct result of all the closures from the horrible year that was 2020.  With so many closures we knew we had to spend extra time reaching out to restaurants that we’re still open to offer our help. We began to offer a 100% free restaurant toolkit, which we still offer today.   We’re offering 100% free advertising to restaurants on Sirved as well as free contactless menus, Google My Business integration, easy linking to online ordering companies to boost sales, as well as weekly tips and tricks which are all 100% free.  Our pledge to you as a customer and to the restaurants you love is that we will do everything we can to help and won’t charge you or the restaurants a penny along the way.

Now that 2021 is almost over we’re happy to announce that as restaurants recover, our restaurant database has recovered too. Sirved now has over 483,953 restaurants on our platform that’s an increase of 44,445 restaurants across from the begging of the year! That means that although we’re not over it yet, there is reason to celebrate as more restaurants pop up all over North America. Cheers to the continued growth of the restaurant industry and to enjoying good friends and good company at all our favourite restaurants again!

Our hope is that with your support more restaurants in your area will continue to re-open or open new establishments. Remember, if you notice any new restaurants popping up or reopening near you, please let us know so that we can add them to our ever-growing list of restaurants on Sirved. Restaurant recovery is a group effort and with our combined forces we can help get the word out to others who are searching for restaurants and menus every day just like you.