Mizumi Restaurant, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is known as Sin City, but it offers a lot more than casinos filled with cigarette smoke and dancers of the night. As of recent years, Las Vegas is also known for its incredible food. Everything from fine dining to stellar pizza can be found in Las Vegas, with most of those restaurants found right on the Strip. Mizumi is no exception.

Walk into Mizumi and be greeted by a transforming experience. Leave behind the casino of the Wynn, and walk into a sanctuary. No longer will you hear the street noise or the slot machines, instead you will only hear the sounds of a Japanese garden and koi pond with a real-life waterfall behind it. If you are lucky, or able to request a table in advance, it is recommended to ask for the table directly next to the waterfall. It adds to the ambiance.

Sake is something I partake in only sometimes, but Mizumi has a certified sake sommelier, which made me interested to try their drinks. They offer over 60 types of sake on the menu. When taking a look at the rest of the menu, there are various pricy cocktails, but they all offer something special.

Sirved Must Try Drinks:

  • Yūgen: If you like a pisco sour, gin fizz, or whisky sour, then you might like this. Made with rice shochu, umeshu, lemon, egg white, and red shiso salt, it is somewhat savoury and different.
  • Kintsugi Old Fashioned: Take a classic drink to the next level with Mars Iwai 45 Japanese whisky, orange bitters, Okinawa black sugar, and a dragon fruit chip.
  • Shizen: Including Toki Japanese Whisky, matcha jasmine tea, shiso, muskmelon, cucumber, and lychee pearls. These high-quality ingredients come together to produce a very interesting cocktail with flavours you wouldn’t normally enjoy together.

I eat a lot of Asian food, specifically Japanese. I was impressed with the different flavour profiles of the various dishes. Everything that came out was pretty, and it came out extremely quickly. If you are looking for a classic Japanese dish the chawanmushi and sashimi usuzukuri is an excellent choice. Chawanmushi is a Japanese egg custard always served savoury. Combining this with Japanese madai snapper, as well as white soy (something I had never had before) and a touch of both lime and konbu…it was a flavor explosion.

You can’t really go wrong with any of the sushi, as it is all very high quality, but the “Contemporary Sashimi” part of the menu offers sashimi marinated and dressed with different flavours. I chose the seared Hokkaido scallop which came with yuzu honey dressing, cucumber, and manganji pepper. The scallop was of incredible quality and the flavour of the homemade yuzu honey dressing matched perfectly with the pepper.

Each dish is made with such care, such as the Bluefin Tuna Tataki. They could have simply thrown ponzu and onion on it, instead, it comes with emulsified ponzu, carbonized leek powder, Japanese onion aïoli, and soy-marinated garlic.

Sirved Must Try Food Items:

  • Contemporary Sashimi Dishes: Bluefin Tuna Tataki, Seared Hokkaido Scallop, Yellowtail Hamachi Carpaccio
  • Robatayaki Dishes: These are dishes done over a specific type of open fire coal. Definitely try the Seasonal Mushrooms with Truffle Butter, Shishito Green Peppers with Dried Tuna Flakes, Crispy Chicken Wing, and Butter Glazed Sweet Corn on the Cob.
  • Wagyu Gyoza Dumpling: I don’t eat beef, but I was told that there are only three Hokkaido snow beef that come from one farmer in Japan…Mizumi purchases one of these three. The gyozas are a mix of Kobe beef, Hokkaido snow beef and come with a Japanese black vinegar soy
  • Snapper Tempura: The Japanese wild snapper tempura comes with red chilli-infused vinegar and a cilantro grapefruit salad.

Let’s talk about why I made a reservation here in the first place: the face-breaking desert. The signature dessert at Mizumi is a chocolate Geisha face that you crack open to reveal the desert beneath. I am not usually a sucker for these types of dishes, but for some reason, I felt compelled to try. The flavour was great too, and I was not disappointed.

This restaurant is perfect for a boujee night out with friends or a romantic dinner for two. Be sure to ask for the pagoda table by the waterfall, but even if you don’t get it, you will have your taste buds tantalized and be ready to take on Sin City (or you’ll be ready to take a nap). Either way, you leave happy. Check out Mizumi’s restaurant menu in Las Vegan, Nevada here.