Whether you’re a restauranteur, a food enthusiast, a Sirved user, or all of the above, there’s something for everyone on our blog. We’ve taken the time to build up our resources and asked many different people in the industry to provide us with content to make the Sirved blog full of valuable content for every kind of foodie.

Our blog has been keeping our Sirved users up to date on everything that’s happening with Sirved, new features, exciting changes, and the best ways to use Sirved to discover restaurants. If you’re looking for new ways to utilize all that Sirved has to offer or just not sure how some features work, then we suggest taking the time to browse through the blogs tagged “Sirved”.

If you go to the blog page and scroll down slightly you will see “Browse by Categories” from there you can select the purple Sirved tab and it will filter all the blogs to just show you the ones that pertain to Sirved features and best practices. You can learn how to contribute to Sirved and add your own pictures to a restaurant, you can learn how to use Sirved map view to discover new restaurants, and you can also learn how to use our aggregated reviews to get a birds-eye view of what everyone is saying about a restaurant rather than just looking at one source. If you’re a power user and want to learn how to use Sirved to its fullest potential, there are blogs about the discover tiles, tips and tricks, and the advantages of downloading and using the Sirved app.

If you think you have a pretty good understanding of how to use Sirved and are just looking to discover new food as well as feed your inner foodie with restaurant info then we also have a section called “ Top Restaurants”. Here you can read about our favorite restaurants in different provinces, states, towns, and cities across North America. For example, you can read about the 5 best burger joints in New Brunswick or Southwestern fare in Arizona. Whether you’re looking for Japanese food in Maryland or Indian food in Saskatchewan, we’ve got you covered! Our Top Restaurant blogs explore restaurants big and small all over North America and with new blogs being added all the time you’re bound to find something in your neck of the woods or at least somewhere you plan to visit.