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Dumplings for Days

Mama Lu’s Dumpling House, Monterey Park, California Located south of Pasadena and East of the city of Los Angeles is an area called MontereyPark. It is known for […]

Aug 12,2022

Learn more about Sirved and the restaurant industry by reading Sirved Blogs

Whether you’re a restauranteur, a food enthusiast, a Sirved user, or all of the above, there’s something for everyone on our blog. We’ve taken the time to build […]

Aug 08,2022
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Which Third-Party Delivery Service is Best for Your Restaurant?

You can’t escape it. Food delivery apps like DoorDash, GrubHub, SkipTheDishes, and Uber Eats are everywhere these days. And the pandemic has only accelerated their popularity. When Covid-19 […]

Aug 05,2022

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Top Restaurants

Sushi and Sake in Manitoba

Pretty much everyone knows what a California roll is, but have you ever had a Dragon, Alaska, Tiger, Spider, or Rainbow roll? If not, it’s time to get […]

Aug 03,2022
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5 Texan Steakhouses You Can’t Miss

Cowboys, cattle… and steakhouses? Yes, yes, and yes! Texas, the Lone-Star State, is definitely a place where you can get a nice, thick, juicy slab of steak for […]

Jul 27,2022
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Poutine and Donairs! Places to Eat Canadian Fare in Saskatchewan

If you’re Canadian, you’ve probably developed a love of certain dishes that are specific to Canada. Foods like poutine, bannock, and butter tarts. How about Nova Scotian lobster […]

Jul 20,2022

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Mexican Food You Won’t Believe is Vegan

Gracias Madre, Newport Beach, Ca I used to be vegan for over six years and before that I was vegetarian for six years as well. However, now it […]

May 12,2022

Navigating Sirved with Map View

There are so many ways to use Sirved to your advantage that sometimes you might miss one of the most obvious ways to find a restaurant near you. […]

May 09,2022
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5 Popular Pizza Places in Nova Scotia

If you live in Nova Scotia, you’re fully aware of how cold it can get during the winter months (we’re talking negative degrees Celsius sometimes for weeks at […]

May 04,2022
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How Online Menus Help Increase Your Revenue

Life as we know it is only becoming more and more digitized. Think of all the things you do on your phone or online in general that you […]

Apr 29,2022
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Delicious Down-Home Cooking in Georgia

There are so many places you can visit to experience true down-home southern cooking. From Arkansas to Louisiana to the Carolinas and Tennessee, there’s no shortage of states […]

Apr 27,2022
Restaurant Spotlight

Rainbow Exploding Soup Dumplings

Dragon Beaux, San Francisco, California Dim sum is a type of Chinese cuisine traditionally brought out in small dishes on a cart. It is typically enjoyed during lunch, […]

Apr 22,2022
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Lunchtime in Alberta! 5 Top Sandwich Places

Some folks are breakfast people, their ideal meal consisting of fluffy pancakes drizzled in maple syrup accompanied by crispy bacon. Others prefer dinner, dreaming of T-bone steaks and […]

Apr 13,2022

Reviews that still matter

Adding reviews to Sirved has been one of the most popular features on our platform since we’ve launched it. Sirved reviews have helped us to become a place […]

Apr 11,2022
Restaurant Spotlight

Sushi Quality Fish for $15?

Hashtag Poki, Berkeley, California Poke is a Hawaiian dish with roots in Japanese flavors. Essentially, Poke (pronounced POE-KEH) is raw fish, cut into cubes, placed over rice, with […]

Apr 08,2022
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