Adding reviews to Sirved has been one of the most popular features on our platform since we’ve launched it. Sirved reviews have helped us to become a place that people from all over North America rely on as one of the best-aggregated review options for menus that exist online today. We are the only ones that don’t have a bias and don’t take money from any restaurants, ever.  How do we do this you ask?

Multiple Sources

The idea was simple, instead of just showing reviews from our platform (or any, one source), we would show reviews from all the best platforms at the same time.  By doing this we could give our users multiple options and sources to check when deciding on where to eat, because the truth is, not all review platforms are made equal.  That’s why we decided to add them all!

Adding Google reviews (wildly regarded as the best in the business) along with all the other industry players like Facebook, Yellowpages, Yelp, and Foursquare, helped us build a special kind of reviewers ecosystem. Giving our users access to multiple reviews from all these platforms helps them make better-educated decisions. But the schooling doesn’t stop there, we still had a little bit more math to do.

Sirved Score

With the user experience in mind, we decided to take it a step further and build our own purple stars we call the “Sirved Score” which is a calculated score based on Sirved user data and social feedback from across the web.

Problem solved! Now, no matter what restaurant you’re looking at for reviews, you can check our signature purple stars for the “Sirved Score” and know you’re getting the best answer available to help you find your food.