Eiko’s Sushi in Napa, California

There are two types of sushi, traditional and westernized. There is nothing wrong with the latter, and in some cases, I actually crave westernized sushi. To me, westernized sushi is what I think of big sushi rolls with lots of toppings, sauce, and flavor. Although it is not traditional, it can be really tasty. When I am in Napa and craving this type of sushi, I go to Eiko’s. 

What used to be “Fujiya” in the Napa Premium Outlets, became Eiko’s and moved into the heart of Downtown Napa. On Friday nights it turns into a club, but during the day it serves really great food.

There are always weekly features on the menu which I usually order something off of. For example, a crispy spicy tuna roll, which is a tempura-fried tuna roll with avocado, topped with their house sesame sauce, spicy aioli, tobiko, green onion, and sesame seeds. They also have a variety of specialty fish, like chu-toro and uni. 

Getting into the rolls, I have two main favorites that I always get. First, the “Ricky Ricardo on Vacation”, featuring tempura shrimp, avocado inside, with salmon, maguro, jalapeño, and crab, as well as sesame sauce, green onions, and tobiko. It is loaded but also loaded with flavor. My second favorite is the lion roll. With crab and avocado inside, it also is covered with salmon and sesame seed sauce, but then the top of the salmon and sauce is torched! Sprinkled with tobiko for that perfect flavor. You cannot go wrong with either of these rolls.

Sirved must try:

  • Lion roll: Perfect for a salmon lover, or someone who wants a variation of a California roll.
  • Ricky Ricardo on Vacation Roll: This is a loaded roll, but can be made a bit more healthy by ordering the regular “Ricky Ricardo”, which omits the fried shrimp for a boiled one.
  • Miso soup: Every good Japanese meal starts with miso soup, and their miso soup is homemade and incredible.
  • Hand rolls: Hand rolls are a nice way to get the yummy flavors in a smaller bite. I recommend the Hiba or the Ricky Special
  • Crispy tuna pizza: This dish is made with a tempura sushi rice cake, great on its own, but then topped with spicy tuna, avocado, jalapeño, scallions, ell sauce, and tobiko. It is really tasty and different.
  • Hamachi bonbons: Basically three balls of hamachi around snow crab, with scallions, tobiko, and a really good sweet sesame soy sauce.

There are also other options like lunch specials and bento boxes, which can give you a nice selection of teriyaki, a roll or two, pieces of sushi, and a salad. This can give you a good taste, and a filling meal for a good price. With many different dishes available Eiko’s offers something for everyone. The high-quality fish and inventive rolls get me in the door every time. 

Find Eiko’s Sushi Menu here.