Here at Sirved, we’ve worked really hard to make 2020 the year that everyone across North America gets to benefit from our last half-decade of hard work, restaurant discovery and innovation.

We believe that Sirved can and should be the only restaurant app that you’ll need in 2020 and here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. Searchability
Sirved has built a restaurant menu-based search engine that will help you find your food in almost any city in Canada and the USA. You can search by location, craving, cuisine, dietary need or restaurant name.  No matter how you search for your food, we’ve got you covered.

2. Quality
Sirved has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that all the restaurant information and menus on our platform are accurately represented and time-stamped.  Our team of menu analysts check over ever restaurant entry so that our users aren’t left guessing.

3. Well Connected
The goal at Sirved is to be the best all in one app for anyone who’s hungry and looking for somewhere to eat. That means being connected with industry leaders from across the tech field.  Sirved is working on partnerships with some of the best online food ordering/delivery companies so that you can order takeout or order in right from any participating restaurant page. We’ve also integrated Uber and Lyft, to help get you a ride to your restaurant, as well as Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze to get you there on your own.

4. Integrated Reviews
Sirved provides users with reviews from multiple sources so that anyone looking for a restaurant can make the most educated decisions without ever leaving the restaurant page. We’ve also taken it a step further and created our own “Sirved Score” which is a calculated score based on Sirved user data and social feedback from across the web.

5. Quantity
With 460 000 restaurants across North America, Sirved is getting closer and closer to half a million! That’s a lot of restaurant info and menus for you to view almost anywhere you go in Canada or the USA.